The first time we realised Charlie was blind was Christmas 2022.

He was sitting staring at our Christmas tree’s bright, red berry lights from just an inch or two away.


His nose brushing the needles.

As it turns out, Charlie was doing this because red is the colour that those with seriously fading vision see most vividly and for longest.

Before, eventually.

The lights go out.


Charlie is happy enough now his sight has, we think, almost gone.

For a fat and fading 16 year old cat he still purrs like a razor.

His already simple life getting ever simpler.

And darker.


I’m writing quite a bit at the moment for clients.

And for myself.

I have to get better at writing less words.

And making sure the things I write, like the world Charlie now sees, is more focused on just one bright, red berry light.


When thinking about what I do for businesses I help, I wrote (and will endeavour now only to write) this:

The very best way to get more people interested in you. Is to be more interesting.

Because this simple notion drives everything I do, write and advise.

And on the subject of brevity, I will leave it there.

Go grab a coffee.

And check if Charlie’s OK.

Because he just walked into the door.

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