I am going to suggest you do something today that I know you have the capacity to, with ease. 

It’ll take you between 1 and 15 minutes and it will make at least two people feel good.


Praise someone. Properly.

I wrote this on LinkedIn yesterday:

Taylor has a deep and authentic understanding and appreciation of the theories behind – and the practical application of – world-leading brand thinking.

This is quite rare for someone in the early stages of their career.

The benefit you will have by working with Taylor and his team specifically, is that he is brave. He thinks clearly and cuts to the chase. This freshness, anchored by Taylor’s knowledge of the timelessly clever Al Reis and Jack Trout (the authors and architects of POSITIONING as a branding approach) makes for a unique offer.

In summary, working with Taylor for your Business Communications will take you backwards.

And that is exactly as it should be.

He will reverse you away from wasteful, inane, me-too, blend-in marketing approaches that have been eroding your profitability for years.

He will take you back to brand. Through strategy. Through tactics. Through creative communications. To profitability.

Stick with him. He’s good.

Business Communications at its best.

Taylor Gathercole.

Taylor Gathercole is as good a business communicator as I have ever known.

What’s most remarkable however is that he is 19 years old.

He had a wobble recently. Because he forgot how good he was and because his youthful energy meant he wanted to change the world today.

He can change the world. We all can. But it’ll take him a bit longer.


Anyhow. If you get a moment today, maybe you could say something nice too?

Make them a coffee before you say it. Look them in the eye. Mean it.

Two people will benefit.

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