Push further.

If you can.

(And you’ll definitely know if you can).


I interviewed a nice guy this week.

A recent graduate.

Mid-range results so no superstar.

But he was polite.


And articulate.


He had no experience.

In fact he’d not done exactly what I wanted him to do before, ever.

But that’s OK.

Because he said he’d do his best and see how we got on.

He had (some) transferable skills.

And he was keen.

Two Weeks. 

He offered to work two weeks or  more for free.

Which was nice of him.

I said no to that.

But since the work I wanted him to do was totally fresh to him.

I did say that him dedicating up to one week of his time at no fee was the the best for him and me.


As it happens.

A day or two later.

Another chap popped onto my radar that did have experience.

This new guy fell short in one or two other areas, as it goes.

So they were pretty much neck-and-neck.

Gut Feeling.

In the end.

I chose the second guy.

I thought it was gut feeling.

But actually – it wasn’t.

It was this.

Blogs and Podcasts.

When I met the first guy.

(The one I ended up saying ‘no’ to).

I asked him if he’d read the blogs on the Always Wear Red website.

Of course, he could have said:


All 18.

I particularly liked the one about the labels.

They’re lovely.

But instead he said.


I read a few.

And I also has asked him about our 20 minute long podcasts.

If he’d listened to them.

Again, he could have said:


All 6.


Rojin interviews you well.

But instead he said:


I listened to two I think.

Anything and Everything.

If I want something.

Really want something, I mean.

I do anything and everything I can to get it.

The interesting thing here is that.

At the time I interviewed the first guy.

(The one I ended up saying ‘no’ to).

The fact that he had only looked at ‘a few’ of my blogs and had listened to ‘I think two’ of my podcasts was not a big deal really.

But it became a big deal.

It became a big deal firstly because a stronger competitor entered the arena.

And it became a big deal because secondly – well – because he’d not shown me that he’d done anything and everything he could to get something that he (apparently) really wanted.

And that stuck with me.

Push Further. 

If you really want something.

Push further.

If you can.

(And you’ll definitely know if you can).

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