Plans have been tabled to build a 460ft tall Big Wheel near my house.

About a quarter of a mile away.


Opinions are divided.

Whilst I support the scheme, many residents and local businesses don’t.

I like what I see when I take a look at Salford Quays and what some of Liverpool has done.

It’s progress.

It’s creative.

It is, if managed properly and if the dots are joined, good for business.

Neat, smart ideas implemented – largely – quite well.


Newcastle is a nice place.

The quayside is, genuinely, beautiful.

Especially when viewed from The Free Trade Inn.

And this development along with other plans that are floating about – a £200m conferencing facility for Gateshead Quays for example – are good things.


I think that Newcastle and Gateshead get a lot wrong when they market themselves as a region/destination.

Are they they really going to call this wheel the ‘Whey Aye’ if it gets approved?

I hope not.

It’s a balance.

Yes; we’re a great party town but we also have – predominantly in Gateshead it should be noted – some great buildings and attractions.


Sage Gateshead.

The Angel of the North.

There is a great degree of sophistication and quality.


Anyhow, here’s an animation if you’d like to have a look.

Apologies that our local paper The Evening Chronicle think it’s OK to have a website that is a based stylistically on ‘Chat Magazine’.

Another bad thing for this excellent region – the biggest regional newspaper’s website awash with crappy adverts and silly clickbait.

Nevertheless, here we go:


  1. What is it with big wheels? I know the view is nice, you get to see a city from a bird’s eye view – and things usually are in closer proximity than you think they are.

    But they are always so slow – and does the view change much from the 11 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position. It just feels a bit like a default response. Is there not something more uniquely Newcastle. Powered by the Tyne for example – or something more exciting like the big slide at the Olympic village?

    • Fair point, that.

      Bit of a narrow response.

      Innovation is not great with this but I’d welcome something fresh nonetheless.



  2. Whole heartedly agree on the ,evening chronicle thing it infuriates me , I choose to read something of public interest or somewhere nice to visit , and then I get a pop up of 16 questions so I immediately swipe right and don’t read the article, as a consumer , I give up , as a future potential advertiser , it’s a big fat no , because I am my potential customer,and I know that because I look at things , because that is my niche market , and our world is fast moving , nobody has time, to be laid back and answer 20 questions to bloody see the news , also the wheel is a good thing , to anybody local , while I’m on a rant , if it takes off , it is potentially 25k on the 1/4 mile properties in the first year …… rant over , apart from to say , every one hated the angel of the north ( I totally didn’t ) BUT LOOK HOW THAT turned out people , right my rant is 100% over Michael Owen p.s got very fuming at trying to post this and you are demanding Information ha ha , just saying

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