Michael Jordan was celebrated because of his talent.





Physical fitness.

Business acumen.

And a lot more besides.

But the thing that impressed me most about him.

Was his ability to ‘be here now’.

His ability to be present.


Michael Jordan.


Didn’t worry about the past.

And he didn’t worry about the future, either.

He saw missing shots in his past as a part of the game.

And when he was asked about coping with difficult shots in his future.

He would frown.

And through that frown.

He would say:

Why would I worry about missing a shot I haven’t taken yet?


I like that.

I like that Michael Jordan saw no benefit in projecting the past into the future.

Neither the bad things from the past.

Nor the good things from the past.

Be here now.

Be present.

Good advice.

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