This is interesting.


I think it is.

The English Premiership.

Here are some stats from the 27-season English Premiership forever-table.

There have been 27 full Premiership seasons.

49 different teams have taken part.

Just 6 teams have taken part in every season.

Each of these 6 have played 1,038 games.

Only 1 team has accrued over 2,000 points.

(They have 2,168 points.

Thats 213 more than the team in second place).

Only 1 team has a goal difference of more that 1,000.

(Their goal difference is plus 1,060.

That’s 228 more than the team in second place).

The team in 7th place wasn’t even in the Premiership for 5 of the 27 seasons.

8 of the 10 teams between positions 11 and 20 aren’t in the Premiership at the moment.

How times change.


This might serve you well in a Pub Quiz one day.

The full table appears on my linkedIn page.

Here it is:

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