If I had my time again – I know I won’t  but I want to illustrate a point – something I’d do a whole lot more is practise.

Freely, consistently, wholeheartedly and over longer periods of time.

The Dictionary versus My Dictionary.

Here’s the dictionary definition of ‘Practise’

…perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it.

Here’s a Michael Owen (me) definition:

…perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) in an incomplete, ineffective or sub-optimal way repeatedly or regularly in the hope that you might acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it, when in fact you may very well simply look like a twat as you chase levels of performance that are clearly way beyond a pathetic thing like you.

You see… I do that.


I tell myself the wrong story.


Izobel is loving practising with her new bike at the moment.

However I did say this to her on Boxing Day:

Izobel, for shit’s sake – how many times are you going to falling off?

Maybe you were just not cut out to ride a bike.

Me and your mother spent £100 on it as well.

Now get back on and if you can’t ride it in a straight line for any useful distance it’s going on bloody eBay.

And for Christ’s sake stop crying… you’re 2!

I didn’t say that.

So you can stop looking for the number to call Childline.


I’m leading Always Wear Red.

It’s very new to me.

I do some things really badly.

And some things really well.

And I sometimes ask myself why on earth I’ve founded a clothing brand in a world where brands like Levi Strauss have been making perfectly good clothes for 165 years.

Well, I am practising.

I like practising.

I am enjoying practising becoming a great clothing designer.

Just like they did.

What else can I or anybody else do with anything fresh and pioneering but practise?

This is worth remembering.

As is this…

Someone else is also practising creating great clothing for today’s consumers.

Levi Strauss.

Practise or Failing?

So call it what you will.

Practise… failing… something else.

But I think we should all embrace it.

Because I don’t think it ever stops.

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