We’re all left and right brain to varying degrees.

Dominant left brain thinkers live in the world of the ‘probable’.

They rely on the past as the best indicator of what might happen in the future.

They reason.

And they research.

Right brain thinkers live in the world of the ‘possible’.

They are more entrepreneurial.

They are much more attracted to ideas and the imagined world.

They take greater risks.

Possible versus Probable.

Right and left are not right and wrong.

They’re just different.

I myself am much more right brain than left.

I get bored easily.

I don’t like executing  100% reliable plans.

I understand how many people would get great satisfaction from seeing everything slot into place – just as they’d practiced over an over.

But for some reason I get much more of a kick out of aiming higher, with an ambitious and maybe part-untested plan.

I find that exciting!

But I do respect and recognise the value of left brain approaches too.

In practice. 

Here’s a brief example of how recognition of a right/left brain dominance helps in my day-to-day.

Building a brand is hard.

I’ve done it for years, for big brands and small, and I’ve done it well.

But it only works in the long term if I get buy-in from the owners of the business that wants my help.

So when I talk to the left brainers, I focus on enhanced profitability from the lower marketing spend that a strong brand allows, and increased efficiencies because great brand messaging takes less time and energy than complicated and garbled chatter.

And for the right brainers I talk about how great brand building can result in category leadership, easier recruitment (because you’re the brand to work for) and adoration from peers, competitors and potential customers as your purpose is brought to life and you deliver the valuable change you promised.

Same thing.

Different framing.

This may help you.

If you are trying to get buy-in in work or in life, work out of you’re talking to a right or left brainer.

And tailor your language and approach accordingly.


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