This photo will help me in two ways in 2019. 

Firstly, it’s our Izzy Willow staring at me.

I don’t think she is conscious (she’s 2) of what the chalkboard to her left says.

But her ‘The Shining’ like glare does make me a little nervous.

Izzy Willow says I should play more.


And the cup of coffee to the far right of the chalkboard in the image reminds me that Fridays are coffee days.

I work 7 days each week.

Not 7 full days.

But I work every day.

Each Friday is the day that I should pop in 2 or 3 coffees with people that I can help or they can help me.

This coffee day is my day to listen.

To help.

To learn.

To talk.

To be with friends.


More structure required for me.

For work – and play.

Happy 2019 to you.

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  1. I love your Fridays because you are so generous with your time, wisdom & knowledge & because you help us more than we help you!
    Here’s to working smarter & playing harder and making great things happen in 2019

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