Beware the kilt. 

Quite a few years ago now, I was on a stag night.

And I wore a kilt.

This experience revealed something quite startling to me.

Something that I have never forgotten.


When I go for a wee, I stand up.

(If you are wincing reading that, probably don’t read on).

Occasionally, this is at a urinal as opposed to a sit-down toilety thing.

Now – and you can test it if you like (just get naked in a public toilet when you have a wee) – quite a lot of wee splashes back onto ones thighs with urinal weeing.

I know this because of the kilt (naked leg)/urinal combination.

And this got me thinking that there will be quite a lot of wee on your trousers.

Most days of your life.

Wee that you won’t notice of course.

But it is happening.


…is a thing.

This Was a Public Information Message From 

You’re Welcome.

PS If you are a Scottish person, can you shed any light on this subject please?

Is PISS-LEGS a real problem? 

Is ‘aim’ a factor?

Is ‘standing position’ a factor?

Too close. 

Too far away.

Am I unique in recognising this as a phenomenon?

Is ‘get a life’ part of the response you want to send?

I thank you.


  1. Alan johnstone Reply

    Not a problem I’ve ever encountered.

    Suspect it is only an affliction for people with a small willy?

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