One morning.

When I ran my Creative Agency.

A polite and well presented young chap wandered into the office.

Up to reception.

And introduced himself to our Office Manager, Samantha.

Under his arm.

He carried a large, multicoloured Pinjata.


Samantha came over to me.


She said.

This chap is wondering whether you have five minutes for him?

Right now.

I did.

So I invited him in.


The young chap shook me by the hand.

Introduced himself.

Sat opposite me at the board table.

Popped his pinjata down next to him.

And explained to me that he was looking for a new role.

In New Business Development.


I said

Pop your cv through please.

And links to anything anything amazing you’ve been involved with.

And I’ll take a look.

He answered:

Oh, I have my cv with me today.

And with that, he slowly pushed his pinjata towards me.

It’s in there.


If you want people to be interested in you.

Be interesting.

One of my biggest problems with Colleges and Universities.

Is that they push young people out into the world.

Very often with a great degree of talent, knowledge, skills and potential.

But with no clue of how to communicate or position themselves compellingly or memorably in the minds of the new people they meet.

It’s hard.

But it’s meant to be hard.

Because the best jobs, of course, should go to the best people.

The most conscientious people.

The most capable people.

The most interesting people.


Samantha and the team hung and battered the pinjata.

Ate the sweets that fell from it.

Handed me the cv that fell from it.

And I offered him a job the following day.

He started the following week.

And what was his cv like?

I don’t know.

I didn’t read it.

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