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OK so these three things are probably true about you.

  1. You worry too much what people think about you.
  2. This stops you from doing what you really want to do and being who you really want to be.
  3. If you were told you were going to die tomorrow, 1 and 2 would no longer be true.


Here’s the news.

You’re going to die.

(Not tomorrow hopefully).

But you are going to die in 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years.

(I base this on what I know of the readership here).

So you can bin 1. and 2. right now if you like.

And do what you want.

And be who you want.

Just like these people, below.

Shooting Stars. 

It seems that people either really love Shooting Stars.

The ‘quiz’ with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer.

Or they really hate it.

Not least because Jim Moir and Bob Mortimer and Matt Lucas are just mucking about.

Within quite a tight framework actually.

But they are doing what makes them laugh.

Not us.

So, of course, they are going to have fans and haters.

But surely that’s so much better than being insipid?

Or invisible.

Or boring.

Or samey.


The best moment from all of the Shooting Stars series, I think, was George Dawes’ ‘Peanuts’ song.

It’s not comedy gold.

(Or maybe it is?)

It’s just weird.

I watched it first time around and just stared.

I watch it now and shake my head.

And smile.

And laugh.

Feeling like I am a voyeur at some strange get-together of creative, madcap, tiddly friends.

But I want to be their friend too.

Because I think I’d like it in their world.


The ‘Peanuts’ video is below.

It’s 60 seconds long.

And beneath that is a slightly longer video.

It’s an American audience reacting to Shooting Stars.


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