Peak Feelings are those intense, positive feelings you get as a business owner that really jolt you. 

Feelings that you’ll remember forever.

And I know that this definition of ‘Peak Feelings’ is accurate, by the way.

Because I just made it up.

From Business to Brand.

Anyhow, here are a few Peak Feelings I remember from Always Wear Red.

I remember them as Peak Feelings vividly.

Because they were almost physical.

And these Peak Feelings include the very moment I knew that Always Wear Red had moved from Business… to Brand.

Peak Feelings.

  1. Honing and simplifying the brand so that we couldn’t simplify it any further (it’s hand written on the pad on the homepage).
  2. When both Zoë Rocha and Ralf Little agreed to become shareholders.
  3. Launching the website just before midnight on February 13th 2016.
  4. Unboxing (most) made product.
  5. The moment the very first stranger paid money for a thing we’d created.
  6. Getting a hand written letter from a customer, saying thank you.
  7. Processing the 2 returns. (That’s not 2% returns. That’s 2 returns. In 7 years).
  8. Reading a two-sentence social media conversation about Always Wear Red. It went something like…

Person 1: “Is that an Always Wear Red beanie you’re wearing in that photo?”

Person 2: “I wish!”

That was the moment I knew that Always Wear Red was no longer (just) a business, by the way.

We were a brand.

I Quit.

Having said all that.

I’ve also written about why I am quitting Always Wear Red in 2023.

I’ll post that soon.

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