Aaron Sorkin is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and playwright.

He worked on A Few Good Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, TV’s The West Wing and the films A Few Good Men, The American President, and Steve Jobs.

He also won an Academy award for writing The Social Network.

And a perhaps less well known fact about Aaron Sorkin.

Is that he showers up to 8 times a day.


It’s weirder than you think.

Aaron has actually installed a small shower unit in his office.

Because he thinks better in the shower.

I take six to eight showers a day.

I’m not a germaphobe, it’s not like that.

I find them incredibly refreshing and when writing isn’t going well, it’s a do over… I will shower, change into new clothes and start again.”



Told you.


Not Weird.

Not like you, of course.

You’re not weird.

You’re much more sensible.

Because whilst Aaron is showering and rejuvenating.

And getting ready to go again.

You’re sat frowning at your laptop.

The creative hill you’re climbing steepening by the second.

The creative fog you’re trying to see through becoming thicker by the second.

The eyelids that must sit high on your eyeballs becoming heavier by the second.

And the coffee you’re pouring down your neck becoming less impactful by the second.

And all of this.

As you struggle.

And groan.

And grind.

To a halt.

The Future of Work.


When you can.


Because the future of work.

Is doing more.

By doing less.

The future of work is doing deeper, richer work.

The future of work is having longer, more frequent breaks.

Breaks where you can think.

And recharge.

And refresh.

And this doesn’t mean pausing and staring into your bloody phone.

This means pausing and closing your eyes.

Or walking around.

And looking around.

Or, of course, it could mean showering.



It’s good for you.

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