Part 3 is missing from most businesses.

And I think we should put  that right.

3 things.

The first 2 parts  feel super-important to most people.

And the third part, not so important.

But to me.

All 3 parts are equally important.

And I also think that the reason most businesses never really maximise.

Is because the third part is missing.

Part 1 – Mattering.

This is understanding what you do from the market way around.

Making sure you matter.

It is knowing what you are for.

It is knowing the difference you want to make.

And knowing that that difference matters.

And who to.

That’s your market.

Part 2 – You.


Ability is not necessarily talent.

But you definitely need to be able to deliver on the promises you make in Part One.

With conviction.







And I could go on.

But you get my drift.

Part 2 is about being bravely all in.

Part 3 – Playfulness.

The best way to get noticed.

In a world that is.

Let’s face it.

Pretty boring.

Is to be different.

And one of the best ways to be different.

Is to be playful.





A little bit zany, even.

That way – you noticed.

You get impact.

And if you can get impact.

You can start to communicate.

And if you start to communicate.

You can start to persuade.

And if you can start to persuade.

You are on your way to building relationships.

And building a business.

So there you go.

Part 1 –  Mattering.

Part 2 – You.

Part 3 – Playfulness.

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