I get lost in all this noise.

All the voices that appear.

From out of the blue.

To set today’s agenda.

Voices I don’t even recognise.

Subjects I don’t even recognise.

Subjects I don’t even care about.

Yet the voices chatter on.

And sometimes.

I say ‘yes’.

Just to silence them.

When really.

I should say ‘no’.

Look At Me.

And I get blinded by lights.

Lights that illuminate strange subjects.

So that I am forced to look at them.

So I feel like I have to have an opinion on them.

Subjects that shout, ‘Look at me!’

And sometimes.

Many times, in fact.

I don’t know what to think.

Because my head’s too full.

It’s overwhelming.

I get lost in all the noise.

And blinded by the lights.


I like being alone more these days.

By ‘alone’ I don’t just mean without people.

But without devices, too.

Especially without devices.


I lie there.

Breathing deeply.

With my eyes closed.

Floating away.

And wondering how something as old as breathing deeply.

Can feel so new.

And how, sometimes, facing all of these new things that life is throwing at me.

Can make me feel so old.

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  1. Beautifully scripted and so valuable. My world has more doors than Monsters Inc at the moment (I knicked that analogy from the legend that is Ammar Mirza CBE) and I recognise the need to enjoy downtime. So, inspiring views of Scotland last weekend and the bracing beauty (and lack of connectivity) of the Lake District this weekend! 🙂

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