When I do a podcast.


I can’t remember what I said.

So I am always surprised when I listen back.  

Dan Prince.

Dan Prince is one of the UK’s best visual storytellers.

Dan and I worked together on a photoshoot recently with our friend David Bradley.

David won a BAFTA at 14 years old for his role as Billy Casper in Ken Loach’s 1969 film, Kes.

I’ve known Dan for almost 15 years though.

So it was nice for me that Dan took the time out to chat. 

In his excellent ‘Overthinker’ Podcast series.

Here it is: https://www.50odd.co.uk/overthinker/.



    • Thanks Tony.

      Whenever you or indeed anyone say something nice about anything that I write.

      I read it again.

      To try to understand it from your point of view.

      The unique reader.

      And to imagine how you will have digested it.

      So thank you.

      You are helping me to get better.

      And to more fully understand how what I do.

      Can matter more.

      See you soon.

      Love to you and yours.

      M x

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