Outspending the competition is the chosen strategy of many brands.

Bigger brands, normally.

And you know what.

For some.

That is a necessary part of the overall plan.

But if that’s all they’re doing.

That’s crap.


Outthinking the competition is an option too.

Having better ideas than them.

Braver ideas than them.

Different ideas to them.

Ideas that then get turned into unforgettable communication.

Both written and visual communication, I mean.

Because yes, people have to be aware of you.

You have to be noticed.

But what’s the point of being noticed if you are not remembered?

And what’s the point of wanting to be remembered?

If you don’t know what you want to be remembered for?


So have a think.

About Brand Strategy.

Have a think what you want your targets to think about you.

And to do.

Develop your Brand Strategy.


And your Marketing Strategy.

And your Messaging Strategy.

Then spend on raising awareness.

I think that’s best.

Because an ‘outthinking’ strategy.

Done right.

Makes you far more money than an ‘outspending’ one.

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