I slept very little last night. Maybe 3 hours.

I have a lot to think about with our business at the moment. Green shoots appear. And we deliver our brand promise with customers every single time. They really do feel great when they wear our clothing. I know this because customers tell me. That’s perfect for me. It’s delivering on our ‘why’.

Our clothing brand exists  to make people feel confident enough to live the life they love. To do their thing. That’s our purpose.


But, I tell you, running a small business is hard.

I should have known better. I’ve run a few business-to-business brands. Over about 20 years. I was good at that. And I am now finding out how good I am at this new business-to-consumer brand. In arguably the world’s hardest category in which to build and maintain a differentiated brand – fashion.

The clouds can appear when I sit back and really think about everything at the same time. Progress. Sales. Design. Momentum. Focus. Clarity. Consistency.

I am revisiting the whole business plan this week. So I have to look at all of these things. And more. Together.

I have to remind myself that when we look closely at something, really closely, we will always find things we can do better. But, naturally, I don’t like looking at the broken or underperforming bits of, well, anything.


It affects my outlook. Maybe you are the same? Having to be in the 20% that doesn’t work can, after a while, feel gloomy.

I don’t want a gloomy outlook.

So luckily, as I am (deep down) little more than a child in grown up’s clothing, my imagination helped me out this morning. At about 5am.

The Seal

As I made my first cup of coffee at work, I imagined how a small seal’s feelings would be hurt by a new sign that appeared on our communal fridge yesterday. (If you’re reading this in your email, as opposed to at the 50odd website, please click here to be taken to www.50odd.co.uk so you can see the photo with this article).

So I did a sign of my own. And my outlook shifted a bit. I smiled.

Things aren’t so bad really. Change your outlook. Look for funny. We are, mostly, very lucky.

Unlike the poor little seal in our kitchen. That I feel sorry for. Even though he doesn’t exist.

Onward! Have a good day.

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