Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone for the first time.

Or – let’s say – for the second time.

Either way, they are someone you don’t know that well.

And in the middle of a sentence they say something along the lines of:

Well, that happens when you get to our age…

And you look at them and you think.

You cheeky get.

I’m not your age.

You’re much older than me!

And you’re temporarily pissed off because they think you are as old as they are.

And you think you look much younger than they do.

But then you catch yourself in the mirror.

And you think.




I suppose I do lo0k the same age as they do.


That’s never happened to you?

Me neither.


    • Hello Mark

      Blogging-out-loud is a dangerous thing!

      You are the second person to ask.

      And the answer to you.

      And her.

      Is no.

      Come back up here soon!


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