You can only get one idea into a headline.

All good journalists know this.

And so do all good brand builders.


Almost all businesses with ambitions to be a brand say too much.

They overcomplicate.

And very often it is because of fear.


Great brands only say one thing.

And it is the fear of that one thing.

Being the wrong thing.

That gets in the way.

The Rules.

Know the difference you are trying to make.

Ask why you are the one to do it.

Ask, why now, too.

Make sure you’re doing something that is desired by your target audiences of course.

Make sure it matters.

And make it’s something that you can own.

(This means that when targets talk about your brand.

Without mentioning your actual name.

Your name arrives in their mind automatically).

And of course.

Don’t over complicate.

Keep it simple.

That way.

If you’re patient.

You’ll discover that brand-rich businesses.

Are rich businesses.

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