I’ve been working with a business that really is the best of its kind within its geography.

By ‘best’ I mean it has the greatest market share.

And the greatest number of customers within the competitive set.

So more people chose it than any of its direct competitors.

It also happens to be the most awarded within the competitive set.

(More awards doesn’t mean they’re the best, though.

They might just be the best at winning awards.

But it helps).

Anyhow, I’m looking at a piece of brand work today.

And I’ve come to a bit that is a nice reminder to me of what this work is all about.

It’s the ‘one sentence’ bit.

One Sentence.

I am about to build one sentence for this business that is three things.

First, Descriptive.

This means it says – clearly and unambiguously – what they do.

Second, Distinctive.

This means it says why they are different. This must be something that they alone ‘own’. And it must be of obvious value to prospects. (Ultimately, just by saying this bit – without the brand name – you will still know who they are).

Third, Motivating.

This means it should move you. It should make the sentence compelling. It should make you desire what this brand is and does. And it should make you feel that you want to, at the very least, get to know them better.


So there you go.

Homework, if you like.

One sentence.

One sentence that describes your brand in a descriptive, distinctive and motivating way.

(And that also functions as an easy to digest sentence, by the way.

So not 100 words).

One sentence.

What’s yours?

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