You’ve had them.

This kind of thing…

You walk into a coffee shop with someone you just met.

‘Order a flat-white.

(Extra hot).

Then they turn to you.

Eyes wide.

Mouth wide with a smile.

And they say,



I order my flat white extra hot, too!


Or maybe you meet an old friend for the first time since Christmas.

You chat about gifts.

And at some point in the conversation.

You both say in unison,


And Chanel Bleu.


You both got exactly the same things.

Freaky aren’t they.


Well, yes.

But some coincidences are rather more freaky than others.

Michael Heppell 

I’ve known Michael Heppell for years.

On and off.

To say hello to.

To wave at.

Or to read about.

And he’s an impressive fellow.

A best selling author.


And smart.

So when Michael asked me to be a part of his latest book.

I was flattered.


Michael and I got closer.

We chatted.

Laughed a bit.

Recorded a video for Michael’s book.

Explored our coexistence over the years.

In fact we got along so well.

That we ventured into confessions.


I went first.

I’ll tell you something I did once.

I said.

When I was about 15.

I said.

I lied about going to a concert.

I said.

I was so desperate to be a part of what my friends were doing.

So desperate that one night.

One night I didn’t meet my friends.

I stopped in.

And a few days later.

When my friends asked where I’d been.

I said I’d been to see this really famous band.

Because that’s the kind of thing they did.

And I never really got the chance to do that.

So I made an entire concert up.

And the fact that I’d been.

I don’t think I’d ever told anyone that.

Before I told Michael.

‘Bit embarrassing…

I had always thought.

And that’s when it happened.


Said Michael.

You didn’t.

Michael added.


I did.

I said.


This conversation was taking place on Zoom.

And then it was Michael’s turn to confess.

Me too!

Said Michael.

I did that as well.

Said Michael.

I made up that I’d been to see a famous band.

To my friends.

When I was in my teens.

He added.

Then Michael paused.

Which left me space to add.

I told my friends I’d been to see The Electric Light Orchestra.

Michael didn’t reply straight away.

He just.



Me too.

Michael said quietly.

Me too.

I told my friends I’d been to see The Electric Light Orchestra too.

And we sat there.



Said Michael.


Said I.

That’s a Coincidence.

Flat whites?

Socks and Chanel Bleu?



Pretending to your friends.

Aged 15.

That you’d been to see the Electric Light Orchestra.

Then finding out that someone you hardly know did exactly the same as you did.

About 35 years earlier.

Now that’s a coincidence.


  1. I love this, how amazing and if I was going to make up a concert it would be ELO

    By the way all the best people have made stuff up but the best pat of being 50 is you no longer need to, it’s ok to just be you….

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