On Saturday I:

  • Woke up and kissed Izobel.
  • Buzzed out for an hour, came back and Izobel ran from the back of the house to the front of the house and jumped at me.
  • Taught Izobel to wee in a potty. Then we both looked at the wee.  And cheered.
  • Went supermarket shopping with £20 as money is tighter than it was.
  • Bought a second hand slide for Izobel for £20 as money’s not that tight.
  • Polished the slide with Pledge to humorous effect.
  • Relocated to the second floor of the house to work on my laptop. Izobel wanted to jump on the bed, watch “Inside Out”, play on her slide and eat Parma Violets all at the same time. No work happened.
  • Watched TV with Izobel after clearing up the mess she’s made over two floors of the house.
  • Match of The Day. With Izobel (snoring).

How come the days I do nothing are the days I do everything?

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