As older people.

We have a duty to help younger people.

We have a duty to help younger people to feel OK.

And to be OK.

And I think that one way we can help younger people.

Is by helping them to explore three notions about being young.

I’ll call these three notions ‘Nothing’.


And ‘Everything’.

Nothing. Anything. And Everything.

When you are young you are nothing.

Nothing but potential.

So at the same time as being nothing.

You are also anything.

And being nothing and anything.

Both at the same time.

Is a real headfuck.

How on earth does a young person cope with that?


Maybe we can help young people.

By saying something like this:

Enjoy being young. 

Enjoy being nothing.


Never forget your incredible potential to be anything.

And in the meantime.

Explore being young deeply.




Then when you are ready.

Choose to be anything you want.

The fact – and it is a fact – that you can try to be anything you want in life is an amazing truth.

Watch the people around you that went from nothing to something.

And let them inspire you.

Then, once you’ve covered the ‘Nothing and the ‘Anything’ bit.

Don’t forget the ‘Everything’ bit.

By saying this:

But remember this also.

You can and you will move from nothing.

To explore being something and anything you want.

But you will never be everything.

No one is everything.

And no one ever was everything.

So take the pressure off yourself.

Learn to love what you are.

And learn to love what you are not.

You’ll need to remember that for the rest of your life.

Younger People.

I have no idea if these are good things to say to the younger people in your life.

But I do know that I will say them to the younger people in mine.

And I also know that.

When I was younger.

I wish that someone had said them to me.

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  1. I promise to admit that this was not my idea. So that when mine are fully grown they might, one day, say thank you to the right person.

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