Here’s someone to avoid.

In most circumstances.

It’s that one person.

That is these two things.

Both at the same time.

Two things.

The two things I refer to are:

  1. They have low self esteem.
  2. They have a big ego.

Because if you get these two things.

In one person.

Both at the same time.

It’s a bit like being with Liam Gallagher.

But without the talent.

They’re just – well – a bit Nobby.


Context is important, though.

Because on a night out.

Nobby is great fun.

Because Nobby is childlike.

Nobby is dancing before anyone else.

Singing and mouthing all the wrong words to songs.

Winking at people he (and it normally is a ‘he’) really shouldn’t be winking at.

(Actually – should anyone ever be winking at anyone?)

Nobby can be funny.


And you can’t help feeling a bit sorry for Nobby.

Unless Nobby is your boss of course.

Then you’re knackered.

Here’s what to do if Nobby is your boss.

  1. Laugh at his jokes.
  2. Praise him a lot.
  3. Remember his birthday and get him a card.
  4. Be there for him when his true colours show. (He’s probably a nice person really. He just forgot).
  5. Bite your tongue (a lot).

In summary, if you help raise Nobby’s self esteem.

His ego should shrink a little.

And even thought it’ll probably be temporary.

It’ll make life better.

Get to know the Nobby in your life.

And (and Nobby would love this line, I think) be careful…

Because there’s probably a little Nobby in all of us.

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