I forgot something important about business and life.

And it’s Richard Branson’s fault.

That Richard Branson writes books called “Screw It Let’s Do It” and says things like:

If someone  offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.”

I agree with this wholeheartedly. I really do and I do behave like this.

But I forgot a really important other, parallel rule.

I forgot to sometimes say no.

This Week.

  • Monday Evening. Spent the evening with a new model and a talented young photographer, shooting for the very first double page advert (pages 4 and 5) for a new relationship with a business magazine.
  • Tuesday Evening. Went for dinner with my friend Paul Lancaster and one of the founders of PayPal, Paul Davidson.
  • Wednesday Evening. Delivered a talk for Colour Collective UK about the madness of building a business and a brand around a single colour.
  • Thursday Evening. Presenting an award at The North East Marketing Awards. I was a judge a few weeks ago.
  • Friday Evening. Going for dinner with our newest model and his wife at a nice restaurant they know in Newcastle.

Now, keep in mind that the highlight of my week is normally Gogglebox. And you can see that this is an unusual week.

You know how, sometimes, you say ‘yes’ to things and they are months away. Then they suddenly arrive.

Well that’s all that happened.

All at the same time.

Shaughn McGurk

My friend Shaughn is one of the many millions* of people that read this blog currently.

And Shaughn (politely) bollocked me for falling behind with writing 50odd things.

I will write one per day for 10 years.

But I am behind.

So I apologise.

I’ll be back on track next week. Unless I’m watching Gogglebox of course.

I can’t say ‘no’ to that.

*By ‘many millions’ I in fact mean about 200. I fibbed. 

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