It’s embarrassing really.

Not only do I very often have no strategy at all for my own businesses.

(When I am.

At the same time.

Advising other businesses on theirs).

But if someone asked me to define the word strategy.


And in a way that is actually useful.

I’m not sure I could.


I thought I’d better sort that out.

Three Steps. 


I’ve kept it simple.

Here are three steps.

On how to get your act together.

On the subject of business (or life) strategy.

  1. Set a Goal. Describe the change you want to make – clearly.
  2. Strategy. Describe what the best things to do are, in order to achieve your goal.
  3. Tactics. Describe how you’ll achieve each thing you identified in your strategy.

That’s it.

World Changing.

The only thing I’d add is to do with the goal you set.

Make the goal big.

Make the goal worthwhile.

If the goal doesn’t sound ‘wow’.

If the goal doesn’t make quite a few people laugh at you.

And if the goal doesn’t sound world changing.

(Your world.

Or ‘the’ world).

Then don’t bother.

Because it’s not big enough.

The World.

So there you go.

Three steps to change the world.

(Well someone’s going to. 

So it may as well be you).

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