When Apple, at their peak, spoke. You knew it was them.

‘Chic. Not Geek.’

‘Sorry. No Beige.’

‘I think, therefore IMac.’

Quietly. Smirkingly. Taking the piss out of PC users.

Apple’s copy was uniquely theirs. Short. Snipey. Confident. Which is why it’s a shame that copy on almost any website is interchangeable with any other player in the same category. Switch it around. No one’ll notice. There’s just no… character.

If you’ve nothing unique to say, and no unique way of saying it then of course you’re destined for low close rates and price-war. It was ever so with samey, blend-in businesses.

This week, one of the comments that Liam Gallagher made about The Beatles’ new single was,

‘The Beatles could shit in my handbag and I’d still hide my polo mints in there.’

I think that only Liam Gallagher could have said that precise thing. In that precise way.

He has ideas, opinions and a certain ‘way’. And from that comes character.

So think about your brand. Brand character comes from your ongoing narrative, your opinions and ideas – uniquely expressed.

No character. No brand. And everything in the business is so much harder.

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