I found myself free-flowing and writing this, bolted on to the end of a creative brief today.

I didn’t think about it much; I just wrote.

Then I read it back and thought,


That’s OK that is.

I should probably have been writing things like that for years.”

Here’s (some of) what I wrote.

It’s the end part (only) of a bigger photography brief.

“This is as hard a brief as I have ever seen. We want the images and the footage to educate… No; brand… No; inform… No; train… No; record. No; PR… And some of these things are exact opposites.
So what we are asking these guys to do is really, really hard. I’d forgive them if they didn’t actually settle on precisely what to do until (say) the third shoot they did in the series.
This is the price we pay for being a brand and not wanting to do the same formulaic stuff that the others do.
As mentioned, if we want to save a few quid… just buy the shots from our competitors and bung our logo on. (I’m joking of course! But you know why I say that). So, whilst I make no apologies for how demanding we are being, I at the same time acknowledge that we will probably fall short in one or more areas – on this occasion.
I think we should afford them space and time. If we force it, we may end up with ‘painting by numbers sterile’ and not the masterpiece(s) we crave. 
I hope that we manage to create an atmosphere for them, on the day(s) where they get to do their best work. And in particular I hope that (Person A) guides them as to what’s expected, but not (too much) shot-by-shot-by-shot. They are not just technically brilliant, they are independent minds.”
Let’s see what happens.

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