Last weekend.

In Jesmond.

In Newcastle.

I came across this:


It’s a nice thing.

It’s a little wooden house.

On the edge of a green.

Containing books.

And written on this little.



It instructs:

Take a book.

Leave a book.


My Izobel.

Aged 3.

Took a book.

And next week we will leave a book.

But the nicest little thing about this nice little thing.

Is the nice conversation that I then had with Izobel.

Because, as we didn’t buy the little dinosaur book she chose.

Izobel learned about generosity.

And it made her want to leave one of her books there too.

Two things. 

I left this experience thinking two things.


Niceness breeds niceness.


Someone has to start.

And that got me thinking of a third and fourth thing.


That I can start a nice thing.

(I’m thinking).


So can you.

(Please think too).

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