So here I am with a massive owl. 

Here’s how, at 50, I ended up holding a very big, and very heavy owl for the first time.

  1. At 45 I closed the businesses I had known for 20 years to do something new.
  2. At 48 I launched a new business in a new world that I didn’t’t know – fashion.
  3. At 48 we had a new baby. Izzy Willow is our first.
  4. At 49 I wanted to do a new fashion photoshoot to pay homage to the film Kes.
  5. I contacted David Bradley, the chap that played Billy Casper in the iconic film to be a part of it. He’s now my new friend.
  6. I introduced David to someone new, John that runs Riverside Falconry in Newcastle. They’re new friends as well, now.
  7. Izzy Willow (she’s still quite new; she’s 2) like’s owls. So this Christmas we took her to see John and his owls. And I ended up holding this massive owl.

New for 2019.

There is a new meeting between me and John (falconer) and David (played Billy Casper in Kes) and Carlo Navato, my new friend that co-Founded The Do Lectures on July 16th in Newcastle.

Carlo is new to Newcastle I think and is stopping at my place.

So, I suppose that if you want new things to happen… you have to do new things.

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