One Friday in the summer of 2009, at about 2pm, I received a telephone call.

I was at work at the time, leading the biggest business (to date) that I have created.

It was called onebestway.

A Creative Agency.

The telephone call went something like this:

Hello, onebestway, Mike here. How can we help?

Hi, can I speak to the owner please?

Yep; that’s me. How can I help?

I’m calling from Virgin 1. The digital TV station. We’re looking for a team to take part in a television programme. We’ve researched you a little. Can I explore this with you?

Sure. Go ahead.

We’re relaunching the channel. This summer. And the flagship show for the launch is called The Naked Office. Basically we are looking to place a psychologist with a team. He will bond them so closely that, after a week, they’ll all be comfortable coming to work together – naked.

I paused.

It was a Friday as I say.

So this was a mate being silly right?


It was a producer from a production company called Shine .

And the invitation was real.


So this was one of those defining moments.

We all get them.

Maybe not exactly like this.

But we get them.

I had already said yes in my mind.

But I had to ask the team.

All but one said yes.

So we did it.

The Naked Office. 

The Naked Office aired in the autumn of 2009.

About 5 million people saw it in the UK after the repeats and the interviews.

Globally it was more.


It was great fun.

An adventure.

Some of our industry thought we were brave and ballsy.

Some thought we were sensationalist and crackers.

Both were right.

David Taylor.

David Taylor was the psychologist in the television programme.

David has authored 5 books now.

And David and his wife Rosalind became good friends of mine.

Here they are.

Saying yes. 

Anyhow, do I regret it?

100% no.

Would I have regretted it had I not done it?

100% yes.

When In Doubt.


My advice when faced with whatever weird and wonderful opportunities might arrive in this too-short life of ours.

When in doubt…

Say yes.

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But then again…!

David Taylor (nice chap):

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