I’ve started a few businesses.

10, in fact.

And it’s taken me all these years to be brave enough.

And to make the link between what I do.

And who I am.

Tight enough.

To give me the confidence to put my own name front-and-centre.


mychael.co.uk is my new brand.

Here’s how I articulate what it’s all about:

Turning businesses into brands is amazing! Because brand-rich businesses – are rich businesses.

I get brands noticed, remembered and chosen. I help brands identify why they are different and better. To own their difference. And to tell their story beautifully.

Seriously Playful® means taking emotional and adventurous approaches to Brand Strategy and Storytelling. Standing out, not blending in. Brave, not boring. Creative, not cautious.

25 years and 70 awards in, I work quickly and precisely. Because I am senior enough and seasoned enough to know the rules of world-class brand building. Knowing which rules to follow is important. Knowing which rules to ignore is importanter.

A new chapter.

It’s great pinning down what you do.

(And even greater pinning down what you are for).

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