I am battling with alcohol at the moment.

Not in the sense that an alcoholic might.

I am lucky not to be there.

But the battle is real.


It is a battle because I know the following four things are true:

  1. I like alcohol. I like the taste and I like how it makes me feel.
  2. The more alcohol I drink, the shorter my life is likely to be. I will die sooner.
  3. I want more time to do deeper, better work. The best work of my life. (This is not the same as wanting more time to do more work. This is wanting more time to do the same amount of work – better).
  4. The best anaesthetic I know is alcohol. It makes me smile, relax and forget most of my worries. It’s a great place to hide.

These four conflicting things are my personal battle.



This battle is the ‘pull’ between alcohol and time.

This is the balance I need to address.

The Answer.

I think that the answer is to drink less.

It is obvious really.

Compartmentalising how much and how often I drink alcohol, I mean.

So my plan is to not drink alcohol for 5 days of each week.

Then to drink alcohol on 2 days each week.

If I want to.

Let’s see how I go.


    • Thank you Matt.

      That’s good of you.

      See you in 2020 sometime and yes, we’ll chat.

      Have a great one. And thank you for staying engaged.


  1. I recommend setting an hour aside to watching the below. It brings it home to a lot of reasonably well-off middle-aged males that they may not think they have a problem with the booze that we all enjoy, but we very possibly do:


    Good luck!

  2. Shaughn McGurk Reply

    Happy new year Michael

    I’ve started to treat alcohol like work, the deeper satisfaction comes not with more but better. I drink less but higher quality. Plus I have discovered that exercise can provide a reasonable replacement- especially for alcohol’s ability to take you to a pleasant place that isn’t your everyday life. Lastly, Seedlip variants and Heineken Zero provide a satisfactory ritual and taste replacement. Good luck.

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