It was a Sunday.

Mid March.

And it was 2020.


I was sat quietly.

Staring out of the window.

Thinking quite calmly.

About what was about to happen.


I smiled for a moment.

When I thought about the millennium bug of 1999.

The bug that wasn’t really a bug.

But then I got a little gloomier.

Because I remembered.

That today’s bug.

Is a real bug.


I wanted to write just one story about it.

One reference point from early 2020.

For me to look back upon.

From a, hopefully, much more positive and certain 2021.

I wanted to write it for me.

And the people I know.

But then.


I really did start to think about the people I know.

And more specifically.

I started to think about how many people I know.


On average.

Any 1 person.

Knows about 600 people.

So by 2021.

That’s just 9 months away.

It is entirely possible that the 600 I know.

Will have become 588.

My 12.

It is numbing.

Thinking about My 12.

So I have started to think how I can make My 12.

A much smaller number.

And right now.

I am not quite sure what to do.

About My 12.

Or about Your 12.


It’s important to try, though I think.

So I’ll focus on the most vulnerable first.

And take it from there.

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