Very occasionally, but often enough that I can recall the embarrassment 45 years later, I’d call one of my female teachers ‘mum’.

Everybody laughed. And I reddened.

I think this happened when I was most relaxed. In-flow. Unworried. Feeling safe and protected. Happy.

I was thinking about this, this morning. Because I wrote down list of my current clients, paused, and just looked at them. I then reminded myself how lucky I am to be working with good people. People I like and can help. People that I desperately want to help and that have welcomed me in.

This kind of pausing and thinking is useful for someone like me. Because I’m a restless soul. Too often looking for and at the next thing. But in this pause I thought hard about the importance of doing great work in the here and now. Relaxing. Going with the flow. Not worrying. Enjoying the safety and protection inside the current working relationship. Being happy. The work’s better when I’m thinking and feeling like that.

And whilst I’m not sure that calling any of my clients mum would go down quite as well now I’m 55. I do want to concentrate more on what’s in front of me, pondering less about what might be round the next corner.

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