If you’re happy doing what you’re doing that’s fine. If you’re not happy, it’s not. Life is far too short for you not to be happy.

We will all have some happy and some sad in our life but – on balance – we want more happy.

How To Get More Happy

I have a suggestion to help you to get more happy in any area of your life. It’s by doing something that, every time I have done it, it’s made me happy.

Move Someone

If I ‘move’ someone, it makes me happy.

By this I mean affecting someone emotionally in a positive way. Helping them to be calm, to see value, to see beauty or excellence. This kind of thing moves people. And their gratitude moves me. And it makes me happy.

Here’s how the idea of moving people might fit into your life.

  • Does your work move people? Do you see people smile and feel lovely because of what you do for a living? The thing you get paid for.
  • Does anything you do voluntarily move anyone? Helping out someone. Anyone. Anywhere. For free.
  • Do you have conversations informally that move people? Do you ever steering the conversation you’re having around to making them feel really good?

I think you can do any of these things. Or all of them.

The biggy for me is the first one though. Your work. Because you spend a lot of time at your work. If your work does not move people then that’s a shame. Not just for them, but for you too.

Think Further

If you do a job or part of a job that on the face of it could never move anyone, maybe change how you look at what you do. Think further.

When people visit my office I try to be the best coffee shop in the world. We’re not. And we never will be. But I try. Cool coffee beans. Playing around with how to grind them freshly. Sourcing great coffee from people like Extract Coffee. Wee biscuits. Nice cups.

Or I could just plonk a mug of instant down of course. But that’s not going to move anyone.

Anyhow, that’s it. I just think that if you set out – tomorrow – to move people and lift their mood, you yourself will have a good day.

Try it. Let me know.

IMAGE: Happy people at Do Lectures, 2018. Wales.

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