I am a fan of rollercoaster thinking.

Free thinking.

Creative thinking.

Unguarded thinking.

Out of control thinking that garners silly ideas and dead ends.

Thinking that does not worry about being judged.

Because it’s this kind of thinking from which the best ideas – eventually – come.

Not all the time of course.

But, sometimes, it doesn’t matter.

Because along the way there is great fun to be had.

Because it is funny, crazy thinking that keeps you going.

Thinking that makes conversation adventurous and engaging.


The best people in the world at this kind of thinking are little people.

Children, I mean.

Children just don’t care.

Children stumble boldly between the verbal and the visual.

As happened to me yesterday.

When I told a 3 year old Izobel that the blue liquid in the bottle I was carrying was mouthwash.

There was nothing more beautiful than – thereafter – holding a straight-faced, meandering and visually-rich conversation about why – if mice do indeed wash in blue liquid – they remain white.

Or brown.

Or black.


As a 50 year old man.

I had never heard of ‘mousewash’ before.

Until Izobel misheard it, harnessed it, and told me all about it.

And then explored it with me.

Her imagination whirring.

What a lovely conversation it was too.

The world is so much more magical when we just let things flow.


I haven’t told Izobel about mouthwash yet.

Because, well, it’s just not as interesting as mousewash.




There’s a lot to be said for it.

And whilst mousewash may not be the next big thing commercially.

It really is the loveliest idea I’ve heard all week.

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