50odd is me.

It reflects my mood.

This is because I spit out stories ‘Tourettes-like’ on a daily basis.

Every single day.

No matter what.

It’s automatic.

So I have started to watch the tone of what I am creating.

Because moods spread.


I don’t want to moan (too much) when I am writing.

I want to read my own stuff and, occasionally, laugh.

I am one of those people that laughs at their own jokes.

Not all the time.

But sometimes.


I want to feel happy when I read my own stories.



Occasionally punching the air because I have captured a feeling really well.

50odd reflects my mood.

And I don’t want to moan.

Because moods spread.


When I ran big teams of people.

Teams that I had interviewed and offered jobs to.

Teams that I had bonded and inspired.

Teams that I had invested in for years.

I had to watch my mood then, too.

Because, as my co-directors used to point out to me, moods spread.

And in never a more marked and powerful way than from those in a leadership role.

It is amazing how years and years of bonding and building can be broken in an instant from a leader or an influencer whose mood is not right.

So I watched my mood.

It’s important for leaders to do that.

Because moods spread.


  1. Is mood a thing of perception? Meaning, is it something I am or something I perceive in myself and others. If the answer is yes and perception exists only after an event, is it actually mood you are talking about or something else? If mood is a perception and, this perception is based on something in the near distant past, what is it that has created this something in the near distant past?

    • You know that emoji with the big eyes.

      The one where he looks a bit confused, but in a nice way.



  2. I always take a moment to ‘put my game face on’ before I walk into the office.

    A drive with the roof down or a motorcycle ride to work usually put me in a good mood – especially if there are some good tunes on Radio 6 in the car. But after I’ve parked, I always remind myself that whatever mood I’m in, that my team need me to be in a good mood. I need to contribute positively to their working day.

    After all, a good creative team is a happy creative team – this is not always true the other way around, but that is another discussion. I find that people do their best work if they are relaxed and content, not fearful or stressed out. A frightened or stressed out mind is a closed mind, and creativity is mostly about being open, to see the connections between things in a new and interesting way. A bit of time pressure is good to provide impetus, but it is my job to create a safe space within which people can experiment and fail and learn and grow and rise to challenges. And to do that I need to be in a good mood – because moods spread.

    • Hello Shaughn.

      I got this wrong for a while.

      I am just relearning it.

      Thank you for your insight – once again.


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