Gemma from Extract Coffee is great.

She’s a fine person and a fine marketer.

Gemma really knows coffee and she really knows marketing.

And she is great to chat and listen to as well.

The Do Lectures.

I met Gemma in West Wales at The Do Lectures.

And she chatted to me about her son Leo.

Keep in mind that.

At The Do Lectures.

One meets some of the most important, impressive, unique and advanced minds in the world.

And as a consequence I remember lots that these people say because it’s so resonant and profound.

But I also remember what Gemma’s son Leo said.

Leo is 6.


Gemma is a busy and bright young mum.

And as happens with lots of busy young mums.

Sometimes, Gemma’s head gets full.

Gemma told me this.

About how it’s so often really hard to choose between ‘this’.

Or ‘that’.

Or ‘the other’.

Gemma told me how, sometimes, life really can be tricky.


Anyhow, one day, a 6 year old Leo told his mum to to worry too much about this trickiness.

Because ‘Monkeymind’ is just one of those things that busy people have to deal with.

Gemma felt better.

Because her son cared enough to try to help.

And to empathise.

And because he was clever enough to come up with a great word to share with his mum.

So thanks Leo.

Because I can now say to anyone reading this.

If you too sometimes have so much going on that you just don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry.

We all feel a little bit like that sometimes.

It’s just Monkeymind.

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