Lisa squeaks, squeals or ‘ouches’ out-loud half a dozen times each day. Nowadays, so often do these exaggerated responses to featherlight bumps, scrapes and scaldings occur, they are ignored by me, that other one that cried wolf (should he overhear), and everybody else.

Yesterday however, there was a shouted, relayed report from my 7 year old, Izobel, that her bare-footed mother had stood on a Leprechaun in the kitchen.

This, I didn’t ignore.

Life’s like that isn’t it? Dull repetitiveness is ignored. It’s boring. It just blends in. And that’s why LinkedIn is such a head-shaky place. Businesses merging into one as they speak in the same, ‘We are delighted to announce…’ tone of voice as each other. Telling us the same things over and over and over. God it’s dull!

Take a risk! Say something different! Say the unignorable! It’s not as hard as you think. Start by just not saying what they bloody well said. In the way they bloody well said it.

And that’s why, unlike Lisa’s other squeaks, squeals and ‘ouches’, I didn’t ignore her standing bare-footed on a Leprechaun in the kitchen. Izobel and Lisa caught my attention!

Even though, as it turned out, it was a peppercorn.

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