So what did you do today?

One day last week I was with John Miles in the best pub in the North East of England, The Black Horse in East Boldon.

He was telling me about a song he wrote, called Music (was my first love). In the video you can link to from the 50odd website John is playing it to about 150,000 people in (I think) Germany.

He wrote it in 40 minutes. In a hotel room. The guy he normally wrote songs with was in the car outside. That’s bugged him a bit ever since, apparently.


John was telling me about the first time he met Tina Turner. Before she eventually chose him to be his Director of Music…


… And how Elton John stormed out of one practice session because Tina asked John to show Elton how to play one of her songs ‘properly’.

Elton John didn’t like that.

Suzanne and Seal

When I met John last week  he was resting for a week or two before buzzing off to play in Europe with Suzanne Vega and Seal and a few others, I think.


I was sat listening to such an incredible and friendly and humble and brilliant man for two reasons:

  1. I’ve created a project for my Always Wear Red brand called PIONEERS. It celebrates what I think are the most pioneering people in the North of England. John lives near East Boldon (just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne, England). AWR customers are pioneering you see, confident people or people that value confidence highly, so that’s the connection.
  2. I asked John if we could take his picture.

That was it.

I suppose I’m writing this because, if ever you find yourself stuck having shitty days, there is something you can do about it.

If you want to that is.

Make better ones.

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  1. You probably heard that John passed in December last year. He was a quiet private man who was a genius & a gentleman who didn’t have an ego & had time for anyone.

    His song writing partner was Bob Marshall & shortly before John passed he jokingly told him he forgave him for writing Music without him
    The reference re Elton was at the Divas 99 show & as a result the joint tour planned between Elton & Tina was cancelled.

    John’s final album recorded shortly before his passing will hopefully be released in the coming months. Checkout John Miles’ Music – Official on Facebook. Thanks

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