I was born in Manchester in 1968.

In a small village called Haughton Green.

In Denton.

Someone else that was born there.

8 years before me.

In 1960.

Is Mick Hucknall.

Mick Hucknall.

In his early career.

People that heard his voice before seeing him, apparently, thought he was black.

Saying that so much soul and tone could only come from a black guy.

I get that.

Anyhow, when he was in his mid to late 20’s and I was, I suppose, in my late teens.

I remember reading a magazine interview with him.

And in amongst the copy Mick Hucknall asked (something like),

Who do you know that is as good a singer as me?

That quote was on the cover.

It’s why I bought the magazine.

Because I really liked the confidence.

And because, actually, I agreed with the sentiment.


I think talent should be celebrated.

And I think that showing off, with a wry smile so as not to be too much of an arse, is good.

Life’s short.

If you have something to show off about…

Show off.

Much rather that than your talent remaining unseen.

Or unnoticed.

Here’s Mick.

Singing a song: https://www.50odd.co.uk/mick/.


    • Weirdest message I’ve ever read that, Shaughn.

      Probably why I like it so much.

      And it reminds me about my sprout story.

      I’ll write a 50odd story about sprouts next week.

      Thank you.


  1. Janet Chaston Reply

    How lovely to hear that song this evening. I have seen Simply Red many times and never cease to be amazed at their talent, my most favourite band and Mick is just my absolute idol.

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