There’s Marketing.

And there’s Mehketing.


Mehketing is Marketing that feels comfortable, familiar, safe, obvious, OK and like-what-they-did.

And it’s a strangely dichotomous phenomenon because whilst Mehketing is everywhere.

You rarely actually see it.

Really see it, I mean.


Mehketing examples:

  1. Get a client to say you’re perfect in a quote you wrote for them, and asked them to sign it off (yes, it really is that obvious).
  2. Take photos of your product, so they look like photos of their product, but with your logo on.
  3. Use words that blend in and don’t mean anything. Words like ‘leading’ or ‘best’ or ‘solutions’.
  4. Write a slogan that means nothing to anyone. And that could appear on any business like yours. Something like, ‘Growing Together’ or ‘For the Future’ or ‘Consultancy You Can Believe In’ or ‘Your Ambition is Our Ambition’ or ‘Innovation for Tomorrow’ or ‘Mehmoh Mnh uhhh’ or ‘Strnmh Pppppppppphhh Thhhhhhh’.
  5. Use lots of, but don’t prioritise or provide uniquely powerful credentials for, any of the ‘business bingo’ words (established, innovative, well trained, experienced, quality, extensive selection, trusted, cost-effective, fast…). So I don’t know what you want me to remember. So I don’t remember any.
  6. Speak like a politician by framing lots of statements with things like, ‘We are committed to,’ and ‘Dedicated to,’ and ‘We are delighted to announce’. (We don’t believe politicians either).
  7. Say ‘we specialise in,’ then write a long list of thing you specialise in, thus confirming you’re not a specialist, you’re a generalist.
  8. Take a photo of your people with them looking down the lens, at a slight angle, doing that smile they don’t do.

Look, I know it’s hard.

We all slip.

But it’s meant to be hard.

Let’s at least try to do better.

Let’s choose Marketing – not Mehketing.

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