I want to be the ‘me-ist’ me possible.

And you?

I suggest that you work hard to be the ‘you-est’ you.


Because if you concentrate on being the ‘you-est’ you that you can.

Or in other words, the best version of you that you can.

Life is much nicer.

And better.

And happier.

And more relaxed.

Because if you choose most other ‘ist/est’ words you have to do something that is always corrosive.

You have to compare.


Here are examples of what not to set as your goals.

Because, if you do, you have to compare yourself to others.

And that’s never good.

  • Richest.
  • Slimmest.
  • Happiest.
  • Biggest (house, car…)
  • Prettiest.

And because many of these things are subjective and/or really tricky to measure.

Because everyone’s reference point and taste is different.

What’s the point anyway?

Then layer on top of this something that is particularly prevalent on social media (but in many other social situations too).

The fact that people lie.

And it really does show how daft comparing actually is.


So, in summary, here’s why comparing is stupid:

  1. Everyones perspective and taste is different.
  2. All things are actually measured differently (because of 1.).
  3. People lie.

So there you go.

If you do continue to compare, you’re the stupidest person I know.

(‘See what I did there?)

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