Arlo the dinosaur’s dad.

He pushed his son, Arlo – hard!

He wanted Arlo to grow up strong.

I can relate. 

I push my daughter Izobel hard.

Because I want Izobel to grow up strong, too.

Too Hard.

Arlo the dinosaur’s dad sometimes pushed Arlo too hard.

Though he did recognise this.

And he apologised to Arlo.

I can relate. 

Because I sometimes push Izobel too hard.

I demand too much.

And I apologise to Izobel.

Strengths and Weaknesses.

Arlo the dinosaur’s dad knew his own strengths.

But Arlo the dinosaur’s dad knew Arlo could be far stronger than he ever was.

I can relate.

I know Izobel can be so much better than me.

Because she is so amazing.

And because I know how weak I am at so many things.


Arlo the dinosaur’s dad wanted Arlo to see what he saw in him.

And to believe in himself.




I can relate. 

Because I want Izobel to believe in herself too.

I want Izobel to chase her potential, hard.

And that’s why I relate to the 5 words Arlo the dinosaur’s dad said.

30 seconds onto this 80 second clip.

It’s also a reminder how important it is to say important things to important people.


And if you watch the full 80 seconds.

You’ll see why.


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