McNair don’t beat about the bush.

They say they make the best mountain shirts in the world.

And personally.

I don’t doubt it for a second.


My McNair shirt is red.

It’s this one:

The reason I mention it is because I am a big fan of the ‘Do One Thing Well’ ethos.

And McNair embrace this wholeheartedly.


McNair started because of an itch they had.

The itch, which led them to scratch their head, was this.

Why is it.

When I go up a mountain to ski or whatever.

That I have to wear an adult sized padded baby grow?

In pink.

Or bright blue.

Or both.

Then, they chose the best merino wool.

Harnessed classic design.

Upgraded it for the harshest conditions.

Yet made it practical for urban living.

And away they went.

A McNair Shirt.


McNair Shirts aren’t cheap.

But that’s as it should be.

When you do one thing well.

And you commit.

The results are generally superb.

And worth the investment.

And that’s what’s happened here.

Here they are:

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