I suppose I first heard the phrase.

‘Masters Of The Universe’.

30 years ago.

Because my brother, Sam.

(Who is 15 years younger than me).

Used to watch it.



And some cat or tiger that one of them used to ride around on.


Masters of the Universe.


I was wondering.

Who are the masters of your universe?

Whose shoulders are you standing on?

Who do you admire?

Who do you read?

Whose words and ideas do you devour?

Who do you consume?

Keeping inside and using what lights you up.

Keeping inside what makes you better.

And having the balls to leave behind and spit back out that which you don’t like or agree with.

So that you don’t simply become a clone.

Thought Leaders.




In your world, I mean?

Who made your world what it is today?

Who did they love and admire and learn from?

Who is shaping your category going forward?

And by the way.

I assume that you know what category you are in.

I assume that you appreciate that you have as much potential to lead your category as anyone ever did.

Or does.

I assume that you want to be world-class at what you do.

Appreciating that if you are not world-class.

Someone that wants it more than you.

Will get there before you.

My Universe.

Who are the masters of my universe?

Mine (to varying degrees) are:

William Bernbach.

George Lois.

Dave Trott.

Al Ries.

Peter Saville.

Mark Ritson.

Mr. Bingo.

Stefan Sagmeister.

David Hieatt.

Paul Arden.

Jack Trout.

Jessica Walsh.

Les Stern.

Roger Blight.

And there are many more.

And what’s more.

I’ve read all of them.

(And I continue to do so).

Worked with 2 of them.

And met 3 of them.

Masters of the Universe. 

Oasis stood on the shoulders of The Beatles.

The Beatles being masters of the Gallagher’s universe.

And now other bands stand on theirs.

Just as every art movement that ever there was.

Took influence from the ones that went before.


Life’s short.

Observe the world’s best.

Invite influence.

Devour that which is amazing.


And broaden your shoulders.

Because if you get things right.

You will be the master of someone else’s world.

With many a man and woman looking to stand on yours.

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