In my mind.

These are two different questions.

Question 1. 

Why are you MAKING it?

Question 2.

Why are YOU making it?


The answers I’d expect from Question 1. include things like; demand outstrips supply, there’s profit to be made, I see growth, I can see an emerging need etc.

The answers I’d expect from question 2. all focus around one thing. The genuine, far-reaching change YOU want to make, maybe even built on brave and pioneering notions that might just inspire and motivate the people around you to do something special too.


The world is so over supplied.

So much waste.

So many shitty products.

And whilst I acknowledge that the answers to question 1. are ‘businessy’.

I also find them terribly short sighted, boring and – well – dumb.

Because if you make anything these days.


I really do think you should have a fucking good reason for doing so.

Image credit: (Nick is answering question 2).

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